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America at Home Healthcare and Nursing Services d/b/a/ Angels at Home Healthcare v. Michelle Buissereth-Reed and Greatland Home Health Services, Inc.
Matthew J. Sheahin, lead counsel, Lance Ziebell, associate counsel for the Plaintiff

The firm represented the Plaintiff/employer in this case involving the enforcement of an employment agreement, and specifically restrictive covenants contained therein, including a 6 month non-compete and a 1 year non-solicit. Plaintiff, a home health care company, hired the individual defendant five years ago as a scheduler and then, pursuant to her request to expand her skill set, promoted her to a marketing position, trained her, and introduced her to various referral sources inside Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The individual defendant signed an employment agreement as a condition of her continued employment with Plaintiff in 2010 and continued to work as a marketer in Northwestern for Plaintiff. She subsequently resigned from Plaintiff’s employ at the end of 2011 and immediately went to work for a direct competitor of Plaintiff doing the same job in the same location at Northwestern. Plaintiff noticed a severe drop in its referrals from Northwestern and upon further investigation, discovered that the individual defendant was working at Northwestern for Greatland. Plaintiff filed a Verified Complaint, Motion for Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and Preliminary Injunction, and a Memorandum of Law in support thereof. After considering the briefs and argument from both parties, the Court granted Plaintiff’s TRO, enforced the employment agreement, and prohibited defendant from working in Northwestern and from soliciting Plaintiff’s clients and patients. The parties then agreed upon a Preliminary Injunction and the case remains pending for determination of monetary damages.