Employment Law

The Employment Law practice group of Lavelle Law, Ltd. is a team of attorneys experienced in the aspects of employment and labor law to help protect, prevent, minimize, and defend your business against potential liabilities and claims. Our attorneys are well versed in state and federal labor laws and can assist with matters such as employment contracts, severance packages, breach of employee agreements and worker’s compensation issues. We also offer assistance with more complex issues, such as sexual harassment and discrimination cases. Whether you are a union line worker or a CEO, you have rights and Lavelle Law, Ltd. has experience in protecting them.

Our Services

  • Drafting and Negotiating Employment and Severance Contracts
  • Termination Procedures
  • Breach of Employment Agreements
  • Federal and Illinois Labor Law Violations
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment Claims and Defense
  • Union Audit Defense and Litigation
  • Employee/Independent Contractor Classification by IRS
  • Wage and Hour Violations
  • Illinois Wage Payment Collection Act
  • Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Benefit Claims